Ensuring you are healthy is a priority for people who will grant you their privileges like when you will be hired or when you will be granted an immigrant visa. They want to ensure that you are physically and emotionally responsible for the job or the benefit that will be given to you.

Screenings for such entitlement may include testing for use of illegal drugs. If circumstances are favorable, you may opt for a swab drug test instead of the uncomfortable urine drug screening or the invasive blood drug testing. The type of drug screening you can choose depends on what is permitted by the institution.

The swab drug test is easy to perform and the specimen needed is the person’s saliva. This can be done on-site and one does not have to be a licensed healthcare worker in order to administer it. While it would be preferable for a medical professional to perform the test, what matters is that the person knows how to do it and to handle the specimen carefully. He/she must also be authorized by the institution to conduct the screening. Learn more about saliva drug test visit on www.confirmbiosciences.com.

Although the swab drug test is deemed accurate and can detect dozens of substances depending on the kit used, below are important reminders to ensure faultless results:

  • The mouth swab drug test kit must be authentic and has been manufactured by a trusted company.
  • The individual must not ingest anything at least 10 minutes before the test is done.
  • Any medication taken prior to the test must be reported as this may affect the result.
  • Ingestion of foods with ingredients known to alter drug test result such as poppy seeds must be avoided at least 3 days before the test.

While swab drug test is hassle-free, make sure to heed the above reminders.