We often hear the words Streetwear Fashion on many occasions. However, many of us don’t really understand the style itself. Is it really the same as the usual fashion? Or is it similar to runaway fashion?

If you are curious and are probably trying to understand what streetwear fashion really is, then we might just have the article for you. Down below are some of the important characteristics that you need to know about streetwear fashion. For more ideal details about hoodies, visit this website.

100% Comfortable

One of the characteristics of streetwear fashion is that it is very comfortable. Unlike other fashion styles, streetwear is often worn t-shirt, sweatshirts, and hoodies. It’s a very comfortable fashion choice, especially if they are made from 100% cotton.

Simple and Functional

Another characteristic of streetwear fashion is that it is simple and functional. It doesn’t have too many designs. Most of the streetwear pieces are made to cater to your lifestyle. Aside from that, they are very versatile, you can pair them with just about anything.

Limited Edition

One characteristic that you will notice about streetwear fashion is that some items are limited edition. This is because there are only limited brands that offer streetwear fashion items.  Some brands even use contemporary art to design some of these limited-edition streetwear fashion pieces.

Menswear is also Streetwear

A noticeable characteristic of streetwear is very much the same as menswear. Most menswear fashion staples often depict masculinity which is also a characteristic for streetwear. It is no wonder you can see people doing streetwear fashion with male jeans and an ordinary white t-shirt.

Now that you have some of the characteristics of streetwear fashion. With these characteristics, you can easily see tell what streetwear fashion is. If you are planning to create your own streetwear fashion, make sure that you do an experiment and stick with the staples. Who knows, you might just create a streetwear fashion that screams totally you