A roofing job is projected to continue in demand steadily in the coming years. Roofers are increasingly raising their safety standards, and contractors combine both conventional and technological techniques reflecting both the heritage and environmental requirements.

The Federal government’s job Bank reports that 8,400 people are working as roofers in Toronto and its environs. The Job bank reports that construction works on commercial projects are set to continue providing roofing opportunities to roofers. Besides, it is also said that there are mix-use condominium projects in Toronto that should continually seek roofers’ services for the installation of new roofing.

Besides, higher population growth in Toronto is another cause for the need for roofing services as new commercial and residential houses are continually being set up to provide for the growing numbers of people in Toronto. Get more interesting details about roof repairs on bestroofingtoronto.ca.

Roofers do not need to have advanced education in roofing because this is a job that can be learned on the site. However, they must be 18 years old and above and with a high school diploma. There are apprenticeships given by the professional bodies and licensing agents, which ensure that a roofer is technically tested and proved to provide the best of the service.

In Toronto, roofers must be approved and licensed by the licensing bodies in Canada to prove their competence. Most of the approval bodies do not risk to certify any roofer with low skills in roofing. Any roofer who has a bad track record and is penalized severely for shoddy work may risk their license for practice in Toronto.

Job bank reports that 18% of Toronto roofers work independently while the larger of them are attached to companies and contracting agencies for roofing services. A roofer earns around $16.34 to $20.25 per hour. However, these rates dramatically vary.